The kryptonite of entrepreneurs the world over.

It keeps us stuck, it keeps us small and it keeps us from getting results.

What do those superstar entrepreneurs have, the ones that are killing it online?


> Clarity around their brand
> Clarity on their offerings
> Clarity with their marketing

Without it our brand is messy, our people don’t connect with us and our marketing flops.

I learned 4 simple questions that I keep on the wall above my desk and that I look at every time I have to make a decision about my business or feel myself getting pulled in different directions

Use these decision destroyer questions to crush your overwhelm.

  1. Which idea has the biggest opportunity to scale and grow my business?

  2. Which one aligns most with my brand vision?

  3. Which can generate the most revenue?

  4. Which idea lets me play in my zone of genius and use my superpowers?

Rate each one.

Get your answer and commit to seeing it through!

nikki clark