Lady Gaga’s 3 Secrets to Personal Branding Mastery


Love her or hate her; you have to admire the branding strategy of Lady Gaga.

As one of the best selling artists of all time, she’s cultivated an enviable relationship with her fans and brand loyalty that any global organisation would die for.

Her personal branding techniques are legendary, and businesses large and small can learn from them.

Here are my top 3 choices for creating fervent advocacy for your brand in this noisy online world.

1. Define yourself don’t let others do it for you

Lady Gaga has always been clear about what she stands for and believes. She has a powerful voice that cuts through the noise of the cluttered world. Her strong archetype of the Rebel combined with the Queen is an addictive quality that turns fans into fanatics.

How can you Gaga your personal brand?   Put your brand personality front and centre, have a clear voice and opinion, strike a chord with your audience.

2. Know your niche, love your niche

Lady Gaga has created a die-hard following of millions of dedicated ‘little monsters’ She is a voice for their dreams, triumphs and struggles. She shares herself with authenticity and passion, she gives generously, and in return, they are a loyal and supportive community that hang upon her every word.

How can you Gaga your personal brand? Narrow your niche. Find the smallest viable market and serve your heart out. When you become indispensable to a group of people, you will become known and generate wildfire word of mouth for your brand.

3. Know the problem you solve and the need you fill

Gaga knows what her customers deeply desire. She understands her audiences of kids, teens and misfits who have body image issues, anxiety and want the confidence to know and be who they truly are. Her brand inspires them to take a stand, show up and face life in all its glory.

How can you Gaga your personal brand?   Uncover the subconscious desires of your audience. Does your brand fill the need to belong? Transform? Connect? Know what it is people want and be the answer to that.

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nikki clark